Parking PCN

If you received a Bailiff/Enforcement removal notice contact us immediately. We can stop bailiff actions within 24 hours. When contacting us please have details of your PCN, name of the Council, bailiff company details. Your details together with your personal cirmcustances.

We can also help remove wheel clamp and revoke warrant within 24 hours, we charge £75 for this service.

If your vehicle have been removed we can make assist you recovering your vehicle normally without paying the bailiff company or the local authority, in the past we have recovered vehicle from TFL bailiffs and Council bailiffs together with a cost order for the council to pay your Court application fees and legal advice fees.

Guarantee to STOP Bailiffs

Within 24 hours of your instruction, we can stop bailiff actions. Once we prepare your case and send your case to the Coucil and a letter to the bailiff firm, it stops bailiff action. If they then contact you in any form either via phone or home visit, we issue letter before action under the Protection from Harassment act 1997;

Section 1 of the PHA provides as follows:

“(1) A person must not pursue a course of conduct –

(a) which amounts to harassment of another, and

(b) which he knows or ought to know amounts to harassment of the other…”

Section 2 creates a criminal offence of harassment. Section 3(1) establishes a civil cause of action:

“(1) An actual or apprehended breach of section 1(1) may be the subject of a claim in civil proceedings by the person who is or may be the victim of the course of conduct in question.”

defination of harassment as: “conduct targeted at an individual which is calculated to produce the consequences described in section 7 and which is oppressive and unreasonable”. Thomas v News Group Newspapers, Majrowski v Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Trust [2006] UKHL 34, [2007] 1 AC 224 between “the ordinary banter and badinage of life and genuinely offensive and unacceptable behaviour”.  So the illierate Bailiff know he is breaking the law, unless you challenge him and report his conduct to appropriate authories, he will continue to behave like a mad dog.

Complaining about a bailiff?

Do NOT waste your time complaining to his firm, you will get a loads of rubbish and it will make you feel, you have committed the worse crime on this earth. Council has a statutory obligation to ensure the bailiff they employ is a actual human being and not a mad dog, if you wish to complaint about a bailiff, fire your letter to the Chief Executive and cc your local MP.

National Standards for bailiffs

The Ministry of Justice has a set of national standards for bailiffs and bailiff firms. The national standards include minimum standards of behaviour for bailiffs, including:

  • not behaving in a threatening way when they visit you
  • not pretending their powers are greater than they are
  • not discussing your debt with other people or behaving in a way that would publicly embarass you.

The national standards aren’t legally binding. However, if you want to make a complaint about a bailiff it could strengthen your case if you mention they’ve broken one or more national standards in your complaint.

Complaining about a bailiff’s certification

If you think the bailiff hasn’t acted properly, you can apply to the county court to have their certificate withdrawn. The court would take away a bailiff’s certificate if it agreed that the bailiff wasn’t a “fit and proper person”. You must provide details of the person’s behaviour and explain why you think they’re not fit to hold a bailiff’s certificate.

Dealing with bailiff – IMPORTANT


If a bailiff contact you via phone or bailiff visit your home, USE your smartphone or a recording device to record everything he says. You do not need to tell him you’re recording him, often  he will use foul language, threatening behaviour, put undue pressure to make payments and ask you to borrow from friends to pay him. Once the recording his done, SHUT the windows on his face and  Send a copy to your creditor (e.g Council) email to the Chief Executive, your MP and a copy to us at admin [at] Most importantly, upload a copy of his conduct on youtube, facebook and tweeter.