Housing Advice

We deal with all aspect of Housing law and related disputes.

We can help with a number of problems including the following:-

  • Possession or eviction proceedings brought by your landlord (who might be either a private landlord, a Housing Association/Trust or a Local Authority).
  • Claims or counterclaims for damages for disrepair, including getting injunctions requiring your landlord to carry out repairs
  • Mortgage repossession.
  • Squatter’s rights/adverse possession.
  • Homelessness applications, including reviews, appeals in the County Court and judicial review of Local Authority’s decisions.
  • Harassment and/or unlawful eviction by your landlord.
  • Allocation of social housing (if homeless)
  • Service Charge disputes

Housing Law Clinic.

We provide a free Housing Clinic Session held at our East London Office. To book an appointment please call 0203 603 1183

What happens at a clinic appointment?

Clients usually have 15- 30 minutes to explain an issue and you will receive basic advice on the next steps to take.

What to bring to a clinic appointment?

  •  Tenancy agreement
  • Mortgage details
  • Any court papers
  • Title deeds
  • Proof of income (for example, wage slips, benefit letters and tax credits)
  • Inventory
  • Correspondence with landlord (for example, letters and emails)
  • Receipts
  • Any other relevant contractual information