Reclaim Bailiff Fees

NO WIN NO FEES on reclaiming bailiff fees.

If you have paid a bailiff for Council Tax, Magistrates’ Court fines or Parking Ticket fines, it is HIGHLY likely that you have been overcharged by the bailiff. We operates a service whereby we carry out a assessment of bailiff fees you have been charged.  If we find irregularities in fees charged by bailiffs we claim the overcharges back from the Council/Courts together with Court fees and interest. We do this on a NO WIN NO FEE basis so you can rest in peace in case of no win you do not owe us a penny.

What can bailiff charge:

The fixed fee £75 and £235 and £110 sale stage fee and costs charged are wrong in some way.

Fees and costs for services were charged AFTER the debt was paid

The bailiff wrongly calculated the 7.5% exceeding £1000 for high court writs, or exceeding £1500 for all other debts.

If you would like to take this free service please call us on 0203 603 1183 so we can assess your case.

What we need from you?

i. Evidence of the warrant or writ or the judgement claim number.

ii. Documents or receipts showing how much the bailiff has charged you.

iii. Transactions for any sums already paid.

iv. evidence of being charged the £235 enforcement stage fee multiple times for simultaneous enforcement.

v. evidence of being charged a £110 Sale stage fee when no goods have been taken under control using the Schedule 12 procedure.